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Janix consultants have training experience with many technologies, particularly in Java, JEE and Corba. Our strategy is to hand over to our students the knowledge that they will need to become more productive immediately - this is based on the real world experiences of our consultants.

Many training courses today are very abstract and do not cover the real issues that developers encounter daily. This is usually because the course is delivered using standard off the shelf content by instructors who do not have enough development experience to be comfortable with the technology.

Janix recognise that there is a need in the market for training that is delivered for a reasonable price and can be tailored to a clients needs. This training should be delivered by consultants who work with the technology on a daily basis and have experienced the issues that the trainees will encounter. By discussing these issues during the course the trainees can become productive in best practices from the early stages of their project.

At present we offer a number of courses:

  • Learning to program with Java
    This course is aimed at students who are completely novice programmers and wish to get an introduction to the art of programming in the Java language.
  • Effective Object Oriented Development with Java
    This course is aimed at students who will have programmed in another language and wish to learn the concepts behind Object Oriented Development - these concepts will then be implemented using Java.
  • Effective Web Development with Servlets / Java Server Pages (JSP) & JDBC
    This course is aimed students who are comfortable with the syntax of the Java language and have developed Object Oriented applications in Java already but wish to now develop applications that present a web interface to a database.
  • Effective Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
    This course is aimed at developers who wish to know more about the types of EJBs available and when each type is applicable. The motivation behind the JEE platform is also covered along with a discussion on the role of patterns in modern application development.
  • Effective Java Development
    This course is aimed at the competent JEE developer who wishes to make use of the most popular frameworks available for the platform. The design and implementation of a sample application is covered, bringing the application from inception to delivery using the following technologies and frameworks : JavaServer Faces (UI), Spring / EJB (Business), Hibernate / iBatis (Persistence). The course will also cover the issues involved in unit testing during development and the performance analysis of the application.

Forthcoming courses

  • Oracle AS Basic Administration
  • Oracle AS Advanced Administration
  • Performance Analysis for JEE Applications

Please contact us for full course outlines and pricing information.