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Janix will ensure your JEE project is a success by providing your team with a pragmatic approach to application development. Our experienced consultants can provide assistance through all phases of your development cycle from Design to Deployment.

Our aim at Janix is to help our customers deliver their projects using a process and set of tools that are suited to their organisation. No two projects will be the same and at Janix we ensure that the client gets a solution tailored to their exact needs.

We emphasise the importance of using an agile development process from the beginning of the project cycle and will advise on the design of the best architecture for your project.

If you have a JEE application in development or that may be starting soon and you would like an opinion on please contact us for a quotation.


We provide a full range of application design and review services.

In particular we specialise in the construction of high-performance web based JEE applications deployed on Linux which interact with a database.

Along with designing the presentation and business tiers our consultants can assist with the design of the persistence tier to make the best use of your database platform.


Our development team have implemented many JEE projects and can provide prototyping or development skills for your project.

Having an experienced developer on your team will get the project off to a better start.

A prototype can greatly reduce the amount of development time required since a blueprint can be provided that will demonstrate the architecture to all team members.


Demanding deadlines mean that a new method of testing applications must be applied to make sure that quality does not suffer.

Janix specialise in the creation of automated test suites for all types of applications.

Performance testing of applications is typically an afterthought - Janix's development process encourages early and frequent performance testing of applications.


Managing your application once deployed is a full-time task requiring specialist skills on your deployment platform.

To ensure that you get the full value from your investment we can help design a deployment architecture that is highly available and secure.

Janix can also provide remote management of your environment where in-house skills are not available.